About me
I have been working with photography since 2012, which is actually when I moved to Norway.

I've been mainly focused on live and event photographer and been hired as a photographer for several festivals over the years including ByLarm, Øyafestivalen, Slottsfjell and Fres, and had the honour of getting my pictures published in newspapers such as Dagbladet, Dagavisen and VG.

I'm currently working as a photographer at Musikknyheter magazine and Disharmoni

I have also been working with the music band Still Changing and other bands for their promo shots. Apart from that, I enjoy covering weddings and family events.

If you need a photographer for promo shots for your music band, or portraits, weddings and other events, feel free to contact me!

Check out my CV for more information!

+47 932 52 552